How it works

Extend your healthspan one step at a time

Measure relevant biomarkers and improve your health with science-based methods and recommendations from medical experts.

Extend your healthspan one step at a time
CARE how it works

Four simple steps


First Consultation

During the first 30 minute consultation, we conduct an in-depth assessment and our experts learn more about your health status.


Health Check-up

Start with a simple blood draw or a comprehensive health check-up, depending on which membership you choose.


Actionable Insights

Discuss your test results and receive personalized recommendations and actionable insights to improve your health.


Optimize Health

Improve your CARE Score with support from the app, our health experts and the community.

Your health and needs are at the center. We guide you on your journey to extend your healthspan.

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Science-based methods

Our health check-ups include a blood test with 50 biomarkers, a blood pressure measurement an electrocardiogram (ECG) and a lung function test.

CARE Blood Work

Early detection of diseases

Regular check-ups help you detect and prevent diseases at an early stage, before they develop into long-lasting issues.

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Personal recommendations

Experts are fully dedicated to your health and support you in achieving your personal goals as well as in the areas of nutrition, sleep, stress or exercise.

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Digital Experience

Every step from booking to consultation and beyond is completely digitized. Finally, you have all your health data digitally available in one app.

The future of preventative healthcare

Proactive healthcare

Invest in yourself and prioritize your personal health journey. Change your habits one step at a time and improve quality of life.

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