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The only check-up in Switzerland with all-in-one digital experience and medical advice.

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Eligible for supplementary insurances

Get personalized recommendations

Our specialized doctors and health coaches are here to support you on your path to a longer and healthier life.


Monitor your health journey

Track your health status and learn more about your key biomarkers. Get AI-powered advice from your personal virtual coach.

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Explore our additional services

In addition to your check-up, you can improve your health with additional blood analyses, cardio-respiratory tests, coachings or supplements.

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Covered by your complementary insurance

Our services are covered by most major insurance companies in Switzerland. Learn how to get reimbursement for our services.

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Why is it so hard to stay healthy?

In our busy lives, forming exclusively healthy habits feels almost impossible. Limited access to essential diagnostics and personal health data only add to the struggle.

CARE supports you in your journey

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Monitor key biomarkers

Keep track of your current health status and observe how your biomarkers evolve over time.

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Receive personalized advice

Get tailored recommendations in the fields of nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep.

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Access modern diagnostics

Access the latest technology in diagnostics to detect health issues at an early stage.

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Talk with experienced doctors

Consult with top healthcare specialists and experts in preventive and functional medicine.

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Access health data digitally

Easily access your health data and track progress through our user-friendly app.

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Save costs in the long term

By avoiding chronic illnesses, you can save costs in the long term and reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

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