How it works

Extend your healthspan one step at a time

Get an in-depth analysis of your health status, with fundamental and actionable preventive insights.

Extend your healthspan one step at a time
CARE how it works

4 simple steps for better health


Book a CARE Check-up

Find an appointment and book your Check-up conveniently through our website.


Get personalized insights

Discuss your results with a doctor and/or Health Coach and get personalized advice about your health.


Track your health digitally

Easily access your health data, track progress and get recommendations with our user-friendly app.


Enhance your health journey

Access additional blood analyses, cardio-respiratory tests, coaching or supplements to continue working on your health journey.

Ready for a change?

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Early detection and prevention of diseases

Our Check-ups help you track and optimize your health by accessing four important pillars: blood, heart, cardio and lifestyle. Detect and prevent diseases at an early stage before they develop into long-lasting issues.

CARE Blood Work

Personalized advice and support with specialist doctors and coaches

Our medical team is fully dedicated to your health and will guide you into understanding your results, recommending the right supplements and defining the best CARE journey for you.

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Effective self-optimization through new habits

Benefit from the knowledge of our health experts in the areas of nutrition, activity, sleep and stress management. Particularly suitable for targeted dietary changes, weight gain or reduction and muscle building.

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Digital access to your health with the CARE app

Track your CARE score, access your results and reports and get personalized advice from our AI Coach. All carefully designed by our in-house product, data and medical team.

The future of preventative healthcare

Proactive healthcare

Invest in yourself and prioritize your personal health journey by changing your habits one step at a time to improve your wellbeing.

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