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Measure evidence-based biomarkers with Swiss precision and get personalised advice from our renowned physicians and health coaches. Join our thriving health community and book your first check-up.

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Unlock your health potential

Experience the future of preventative healthcare

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    Detect illnesses early

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    Prevent chronic diseases

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    Understand your health status

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    Get personalized advice

Our leading doctors of preventive healthcare

Dr. med. Robert Mundackal

Dr. med. Robert Mundackal

Robert is a specialist in internal medicine and a pulmonary specialist with 15 years of professional experience. His focus lies in preventive, sports, and sleep medicine.

Dr. med. Roman Walser

Dr. med. Roman Walser

Roman is a specialist in internal medicine with a passionate affinity for preventive and sports medicine, as well as a keen interest in digital transformation.

Dr. med. Margrit Oremek

Dr. med. Margit Oremek

Margit is a specialist in internal medicine, cardiology, and diabetology. She completed her training at the University Hospital in Frankfurt am Main.

Discover how it works

Discover how it works

Starting with a thorough assessment and comprehensive check-up, we gather the essential information needed to offer personalized insights.

Armed with these insights, we kickstart the optimization process, guiding you toward better health and well-being.

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Blood analysis

Health check-up

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Discover how it works

Swiss precision. Certified laboratory.

As part of our check-ups, we carry out an extensive blood analysis. Your blood is being processed by a certified laboratory in Switzerland.

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Access your health data

Your health data belongs in your hands

Get easy access to all relevant health data at your fingertip. Forget about paper-based results and check your health data anytime.

Future preventative healthcare

Experience the future of preventative healthcare

Discover our unique approach, where we prioritize your needs and guide you on your health journey.

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