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AEME partner


Functional training involving circuit workouts, calisthenics, weightlifting and cardio, targeting diverse muscle groups to build strength, endurance, and stamina. As a CARE Member you benefit from a 30% discount.

Atomix partner


This boutique-style studio is the perfect solution for those who want to combine intense training with a demanding office routine. As a CARE member you benefit from at least 10% discount.

KEEN partner


Are you looking for inner peace amidst all the hustle? KEEN offers a unique combination of hot and cold exposure, paired with mindful breathing somatic classes to support your nervous system regulation. As a CARE Member, you benefit from a 15% discount on all packages, and subscriptions.

Laboratorium partner


Whether it’s calisthenics or endurance training, handstands or flexibility: Laboratorium focuses on holistic and functional body weight workouts. As a CARE member you benefit from a 20% discount on all packages, and subscriptions.

Ironbodyfit partner


Discover the revolutionary world of EMS training with Ironbodyfit. In just 25 minutes, you'll experience the effectiveness of a conventional 4-hour workout. As a CARE Member you receive a discount of up to CHF 225.-.

Velocity partner


Zürich's first indoor cycling and strength training fitness studio. As a CARE member you benefit from 20% discount on all single entries and packages.


Our community events

We offer diverse range of experiences from Qigong to fasting challenges. Each week brings something different, ensuring there is always something new and exciting for everyone. Get a glimpse our past events:



Ice baths

Ice Baths

No Sugar Challenge

No sugar challenge

10k Walk

10k walk

Morning Walk

Morning walk



Fasting Challenges

Fasting challenges



HIIT Training

HIIT training



Sound Bath

Sound bath

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